Four-door supercars challenge, part 1 (series 15, episode 3) – BBC Top Gear

Four-door supercars challenge, part 1 (series 15, episode 3) – BBC Top Gear.


Should the ultimate in automotive engineering and design creating the most desirable super cars produce these “super sedans” ???

Based on what a super car should be and the roots of a super car, this should be illegal!

However, if we want these ultimate companies to continue producing these ultimate ‘traditional’ super cars, we should allow them to sell sedans for profitability.

I would prefer have a super car company surviving by producing ‘family’ variations to increase market share and producing the traditional fantasy super cars, rather than a company sticking to tradition and losing market share, eventually either being taken over or completely closing down resulting is us, the consumers, loosing out on future super creations.

In this modern financial market, maintaining market share through diversifying products and expanding niches is necessary for these companies to remain producing the pieces of art we admire!



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Economist at the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Graduate of Florida Atlantic University (MS. Economics with a track in Finance, BA Business Economics) Interests in business, technology, automotive design and engineering, travel, food, amateur photography, and gaming. @alonrishi

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